Selfridge Public School Board of Education

The Board

There are five school board members.  The terms are three years long and staggered.  There is no limit to the number of terms a Board Member may serve.  The election is typically held the second Tuesday in June.  The majority of the board is elected from the rural area.

The Board elects officers at the annual meeting in July.  Officers include President and Vice President.

The Role of the Board

The School Board is the policy-making body for the school district.  They set policies for management of the district that the superintendent and the district staff then carry out.  The School Board approves:  the budget; establishes goals and priorities; acquires and disposes of property; serves as a link between the school system and the public; and interprets educational needs and concerns of the community.  In addition to attending board meetings, Board Members serve as liaisons to various district and non-district committees.

The School Board acts officially only as a corporate group.  An individual School Board member has no authority outside of a formally called Board meeting.  No one acts in the name of the Board except when authorized by the Board to do so.

Public Participation

To place an item on the Agenda, you are asked to call the Superintendent or Board President at least one week prior to the meeting.  To speak during the school board meeting on an item that is on the Agenda or on another matter that is not on the Agenda, you are required to make arrangements with the Superintendent prior to the meeting.  The Board desires to hear the viewpoints of citizens throughout the district.  Comments should be made to the Board and not to individuals in the audience and be related to school operations and programs.  The Board will not hear personal complaints against any person connected with the school district.  Comments must address topics that are on the agenda.  The Board reserves the right to eliminate or restrict the time allowed for public participation. The Board requests that comments are limited to five (5) minutes or less.  Groups of individuals addressing a common concern are asked to designate a spokesperson.


Nick Vollmuth - President

Ed Mosset - Vice-President

Haylee Kraft - Director

Monte Becker - Director

Christy Deason - Director